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Clarus engineering Services is defined to serve the purpose of your designing and modelling projects. 


  Our office is located in India at Chennai capital of Tamilnadu State. We offer Drawing and Designing services using Drawing and modeling software’s. We have a team of qualified Drawing Engineers, Quality Checkers and Project Managers with experience and good exposure to various Drawing projects to deliver creative and quality services. We provide the best services added value for your money and affordable Drawing solutions to our customers.

We tend not to compromise our customers with what we can do, rather than we always develop ourselves and meet our customer needs at the shortest time. Instead of doing projects as a work hence we tend to suggest to our filial customers where they can add little value in their projects. Our team members are very dedicated and cooperative with us and our customers, that help us to compete and it is the main reason for the growth of our company. We have the ability to change ourselves with new standards of our customer. 


Condition Monitoring

Conditional Monitoring – Vibration Analysis of rotating equipments is made use of in industries like refinery, cement, sugar, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas production platforms, rigs & gas station, automobile including cnc & nc machines.

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It is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method in which beams of high frequency sound waves that are introduced into the material being tested are used to detect surface and sub-surface flaws.

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Detailing Services

Clarus Engineering is a leading Drawing outsourcing company in India providing Drawing conversion and Structural Steel Detailing Services other Drawing conversion services support to engineers, architects and construction companies.

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